Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Canmore Nordic Center Trail Clean Up

A view of Cougar Creek from the Loki Trail near Peaks of Grassi

   Today I volunteered in the Canmore Nordic Center Trail Clean up.  In light of the recent events here in Canmore, I decided to help out and clean up and repair some of the mountain bike trails at the Canmore Nordic Center.  There was over 60 people who came to help out, which is a huge showing.  I ended up working on a section of upper EKG that was washed out by the floods.  At first the section seemed like it couldn't be fixed. But with help and inspiration from our fearless leader Matt Hadley, me, my friends Ben and Mitch, and a few other guys, managed to make the trail ride-able again! It was very satisfying to see the washout transformed to an amazing trail in under an hour.  We ended up working for quite a while, and eventually got our section of the EKG trail all fixed! I hope everyone enjoys the new, improved trails!

The following are pictures taken of the flooding in Canmore, and more specifically the flooding at the Canmore Nordic Center.

 "Lake" under the bridge at the Biathlon stadium

 Looking down at mass start area

 NO! old roller ski path! YAY for a new roller ski path!

 Search and Rescue Headquarters. Helicopters!

  Just want to let you know that my family and I are all high and dry and have been throughout the flooding.

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