Monday, 31 March 2014

Thank you One Way

I would like to thank my sponsor One Way Poles in relation to the successes I have had at my recent competitions.
I placed 2nd in all four of the races at Biathlon Nationals
Thank you One Way

Friday, 28 March 2014

Post Nationals Recap

Podium for the final day at the Biathlon National Championships.
l-r Matt Strum, Aidan Millar, Felix Berube-Laroche
           I am back from traveling the east of Canada, from a tour including the Biathlon Nationals and Haywood Ski Nationals.  I would like to reflect on the successes I had at both of these events.

Skiing in the relay at Biathlon Nationals

        Biathlon Nationals were held in Charlo, New Brunswick.  I had many successes at Biathlon Nationals, including four silver medals.  Coming back from the upset of not making it to the World Youth Junior Championships that were held in Presque Isle, Maine, I felt like I was able to prove that I had what it took to preform at that level.  I feel that the successes that I had will help me further my career as a biathlete.

       Haywood Ski Nationals were also a success for me.  I had set some goals at the beginning of the year for my results at nationals, and I felt I met those goals.  I placed 17th in the skate 15km, after a full day for traveling. Lets say I didn't have the best sleep the night before as I got to the place we were staying at around 3 in the morning. My goal was to place top 20 at nationals, and I made that goal and am happy with my results.
Skate Race after my big travel day from Charlo to Deer Lake

Classic race in Canmore. Thought it looked good

Thank you so much to my sponsors One Way and Salomon Canada