Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Canmore Nordic Center Trail Clean Up

A view of Cougar Creek from the Loki Trail near Peaks of Grassi

   Today I volunteered in the Canmore Nordic Center Trail Clean up.  In light of the recent events here in Canmore, I decided to help out and clean up and repair some of the mountain bike trails at the Canmore Nordic Center.  There was over 60 people who came to help out, which is a huge showing.  I ended up working on a section of upper EKG that was washed out by the floods.  At first the section seemed like it couldn't be fixed. But with help and inspiration from our fearless leader Matt Hadley, me, my friends Ben and Mitch, and a few other guys, managed to make the trail ride-able again! It was very satisfying to see the washout transformed to an amazing trail in under an hour.  We ended up working for quite a while, and eventually got our section of the EKG trail all fixed! I hope everyone enjoys the new, improved trails!

The following are pictures taken of the flooding in Canmore, and more specifically the flooding at the Canmore Nordic Center.

 "Lake" under the bridge at the Biathlon stadium

 Looking down at mass start area

 NO! old roller ski path! YAY for a new roller ski path!

 Search and Rescue Headquarters. Helicopters!

  Just want to let you know that my family and I are all high and dry and have been throughout the flooding.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

All Sport One Day

   On Saturday, June 15 2013, I participated in All Sport One Day in Calgary.  All Sport One Day is a day of activities that is supported by the City of Calgary Recreation Department, as well as Winsport, the YMCA, the Talisman Center, and Cardel Place, as well as many other great sponsors.  I participated as a teacher and coach for Biathlon at COP.  I 'coached' 4 groups of kids between the ages of 8 and 12. We were using laser rifles to simulate the shooting aspect of biathlon, and the kids loved it! I had a great time coaching them as well.

   In the first parts of our 45 min sessions, I mainly focused on shooting prone, or lying down, but at the end I taught them a bit of standing shooting. They had fun with that!

   Describing and explaining about the different targets I shoot on. Standing are the bigger targets.

I had a great time coaching the kids, and show-casing my sport to them and their families.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Looking back on May & June 2013

  Hey all - here is what has happened with me over the spring. Enjoy!

Vernon Alberta Ski Team Camp:

   In early May, I attended the Vernon camp with the Alberta Ski Team.  Our focus for this camp was mostly just getting back on skis, getting some mileage, and working on technique and strength.  i had a good time with everyone on the ski team, and would like to thank Mike Viera and Stephan Kuhn for being awesome coaches at the camp.

May 25th: Calgary City Championships - Track and Field

   On May 25th, I had the opportunity to race at the 2013 Calgary Track and Field City Championships.  I raced in the Intermediate age group in the 3000m, 1500m, and 4x400m events. I placed pretty well in both of my individual events. I finished 4th in the 3000m out of about 13 of the fastest grade 11 guys in Calgary, and placed 9th in the 1500m, a shorter, faster, and in some ways more demanding event. In the team relay, we had a great team of 4 guys who I got to race with. During my leg of the race, I had a good pace, and ran a faster 400m than I thought I could. I was happy to represent my school's new track and field team, the National Sport School Polar Bears!

June 2nd: Camp Chief Hector YMCA Family Fun Run - 10Km

   On the first sunday in June, I did a 10Km Fun Run at the Camp Chief Hector YMCA.  It was supposed to be an easy training day for me, and I had done a 2 hour run the day before, so I decided to take it relatively easy. Easy meaning a pace that I could finish the race in around 45 minutes.  I didn't want to push myself that hard, but the course was pretty flat and rather easy to run on, so I went for it on the last kilometer or so. At the finish, many people were in awe of me, so judging by their reactions, I think I did pretty good.  My final time was 42 minutes and 14 seconds, which I personally would find pretty slow.  But, I am proud and happy for myself for accomplishing this great feat.

June 8th: Iron Maiden Cross Country Mountain Bike Race - Canmore AB

   Just last weekend, in fact, I raced in the Iron Maiden, a Cross Country Mountain Bike Race at the Canmore Nordic Center. I have been training and practicing my mountain biking a lot this spring with Matt Hadley, coach of the RMCC Rampage program, and this race proves how much I have improved.  I stayed with the lead pack for a majority of the race, even though it got spread out a bit. I was actually having an amazing race until I got a pinch flat on the first half of my last lap.  I ran down to the 'Pit Stop' area and fixed my tire.  It kinda sucked, but I got some good race experience from it.  After fixing my tire, I continued and finished the race in last place. Oh well, it happens. I am pretty new to mountain bike racing, so for my second race this year, I was doing pretty good up until my flat.

So that's pretty much what I have been doing for the past couple of months.  I have been very busy balancing school and training.  In face today I finished Grade 11 classes!  I am now officially on summer break.  I have a busy July -  4 scheduled camps in the month ahead - Canada Winter Games Team Alberta Camp, Jasper-Canmore road bike camp, Alberta Ski Team Haig Glacier Camp, and Biathlon Alberta Training Centre camp.  Looking forward to summer and summer training!