Monday, 28 October 2013

Canada Winter Games Biathlon Camp

Last week, I had the oppourtunity of attending a high performance training camp in preparation for the Canada Winter Games in 2015.  Some of the top biathletes in Alberta participated, and we all had a great time!

Unfortunately, I personally was unable to get a lot of pictures of the camp, but I did get a few during the weekend for a scavenger hunt!

Quarry lake beach.  My friend in these pictures is Pearce Hanna, a high level biathlete and cross country skiier who is on the Alberta Ski Team with me.
Statue by the river.
Tress Bridge. 
Big Head
RCMP offices (a very far way away!)
Iron Goat (also pretty far)
Here is a list of the places and items we had to find...

... and here is our time that we completed the course in.  The course starts at the Canmore Nordic Center day lodge, and finishes at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge.  If you want, try your time against ours, se how you do. We collected every item and picture of every location.

The camp was other wise pretty good, with a lot of focus surrounding standing shooting and dry-firing. I had a wonderful time and feel prepared for the season to come.

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